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  • Melania Zilo

10 Beautiful Ways to Celebrate our Earth at Home


For the past 50 years, people have gathered together on April 22nd all around the world to raise awareness about protecting our beautiful Mother Earth. This year, Earth Day feels a little different. Instead of being outside celebrating, I'm at home in isolation reminiscing about this time last year, when I was soaking up all the sun on a beautiful hike with my family on Maui. I remember feeling so connected to nature and to the energy the ground carried, and it saddens me that even then, I may have taken being outside for granted. Amid the chaos, there is still time to appreciate the beauty of our planet from the comfort of our home.

1. Tune in to Earth Day Live and enjoy discussions, performances, teach-ins, and suggestions for action from participants such as Pope Francis, Senator Elizabeth Warner, and Bill Nye (Bill Bill Bill).

2. Optimize your quarantine diet and reduce your food waste.

3. Support your favorite climate action campaign.

4. Fangirl over @gretathunberg and participate in the digital climate strike by tagging your signs of protest #climatestrikeonline.

5. Change your lightbulbs to LED's.

6. Switch to clean and eco-friendly products.

7. Switch to a reusable water bottle at home.

8. Unplug your electronic devices while they aren't in use.

9. If you are an essential worker, take the scenic route home and clear your mind.

10. Take a quiet walk, bike ride, or hike in nature (safely, and if your city permits), and take a moment to appreciate her riches, beauty, and abundance.

During these trying times, we are especially reminded of how connected we are to our environment. May we come out of this experience with a more profound sense of gratitude for our home and each other. I hope that after this is all over, we learn to cherish our relationships and to honor all that Mother Earth has to offer. May we realize that there is something out there worth protecting, and may we continue to fight for the preservation of our sacred home.

Love always,


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