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  • Melania Zilo

5 Things Happening Right Now Aside From a Global Pandemic

Welcome to the first article you'll read in 3 weeks that doesn't mention the C-Word ONCE! Let's get right to it, here is some random stuff that's been happening that *gasp* does not require a chart or line graph to explain.


1. A One Direction reunion is finally happening

With the band's 10th anniversary only months away, fans have been speculating that something between the boys is in the works. It was only until last Sunday afternoon that Liam Payne confirmed the rumors on Instagram Live with Swedish DJ Alesso.

2. Everyone has learned how to bake banana bread

Except me... Send help.

3. More people are fostering and adopting pets

Various animal shelters and rescue organizations nationwide have reported a sudden increase in interest in fostering and adopting, as it turns out people get freaking lonely during a crisis.

4. The Hunger Games prequel is coming out this summer

Author Suzanne Collins has a prequel coming out this summer, which Lionsgate will adapt into a feature film because let's face it... The world needs another trip back to the capital.

5. Improved air quality in major cities

According to new satellite data from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the northeastern regions of the United States have seen atmospheric levels of nitrogen dioxide air pollution drop by 30% in March compared with the same period last year. Additionally, researchers at Columbia University found that carbon monoxide emissions have fallen more than 50% below normal levels in New York City due to the decline in vehicle traffic. At the same time, Los Angeles also saw nitrogen levels drop significantly in the first two weeks of March. So maybe staying the f*ck home wasn't such a bad idea after all.

I hope if anything, these tidbits of information bring a smile to your day and serve as a reminder that just because we've slowed things down, does not mean the world has stopped. There will be a day where we stop talking about death rates, and vaccines, and lockdowns. Soon, we will go out dancing and drinking without a care in the world. We will share that last slice of pizza with our best friend. We will return to a time where kissing our loved ones is not considered a death threat. There will come a time of reunion and laughter and warmth. But until then, stay home, stay healthy, and maybe go adopt a puppy or five.

Love always,


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