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  • Melania Zilo

Activate Your Happy Hormones

Hi! What if I told you it was possible to hack into your happiness brain chemicals? We've come a long way in the science behind feelings, and it's been proven that you are in control of your emotions. Not the other way around! I've been feeling a lot of feelings lately, and at first, it was confusing and frustrating. My feelings were getting in the way of my work, school, relationships... It wasn't fun. I decided that to move forward and grow, I would need to get back in the driver seat and take full control of my feelings.

Your Happy Hormones + How to Hack Them

Serotonin: The mood stabilizer

Wake up, move your body, do some stretching, bask in the sun, hug a tree, practice gratitude for the nature around you.

Dopamine: The reward/motivation chemical

Make a list of micro tasks and try to complete some, celebrate when you do. Eat a nourishing meal and make some time for a bubble bath, a face mask, and a big glass of water.

Endorphins: The pain killer

Watch a good movie, do a light workout, go for a run, give back to the community, laugh. Smile. Be present.

Oxytocin: The love hormone

Hug your person, call a loved one, compliment a stranger, make out with someone.

love always,

Melania Zilo

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