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  • Melania Zilo

Be the Change

If 2020 was synonymous, the word would be change. It has been beyond exhilarating to see how our generation is positively impacting the world, and I'm so proud to be part of a collection of such powerful and passionate people. We may get anxious about making doctor's appointments over the phone, but we have no problem tackling the very real issues in our world today.

The change happening in our country and around the world has both inspired and forced me to examine my own personal choices. I no longer want to live without purpose, and I genuinely believe in my power to make a difference in the world. Every decision I make, sentence I say, thought that crosses my mind will be fueled with intention, love, and ambition. Today I am sharing my non-conclusive list of the changes I plan to make this year to better myself, maintain healthy habits, and create a happy place within myself and my community.


I am no longer shopping without knowing exactly where my money is going. I will continue to support local businesses, and only support and promote brands that align with my personal and ethical values.

I will continue to make an effort to diversify my reading list (because no, not every book I read has to be dystopian fiction)

No more entertaining meaningless conversations.

I will continue to speak out on the injustices I observe.

Limiting my social media intake is not only necessary for my mental health, but also my productivity.

I will call my grandparents at least twice a week.

My body is strong and healthy and I will learn to appreciate everything it does for me. No more hiding behind the security of oversized clothing and baggy sweatpants.

I refuse to make myself small for the comfort of others.

I will continue to channel my energy into the change that I want to see in the world. I will always fight for what I believe is right. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

Love always,

Melania Zilo

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