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  • Melania Zilo

How to Get Your Body Bikini-Ready

Summer is approaching, and there are way too many bikinis in my closet still in tags, begging to be worn. If you're anything like me, this time of year carries a certain pressure to look your best physically, because suddenly everyone can see what's been hiding under those sweats all winter. This is why I thought I would share three simple steps to get you prepared for this season.


1. Find a bikini that you LOVE Whether it's the color, pattern, texture, or the way it hugs your butt (a critical factor btw), find a bikini that calls out your name (maybe one from a sustainable brand if you're feeling extra spicy). 2. Go home and put on the bikini Stand in the mirror, do a little dance, send a hot pic to your S/O, have your moment girl. 3. Go to the beach in your new bikini Congratulations girl, you did it! Be proud of yourself! Have some cake to celebrate.

Like all relationships in life, self-love is a process. It takes a lot of patience, work, and time to reach that point where you can put on that flimsy two-piece and genuinely feel good about yourself (I'm not even there yet, tbh). I am so sick of feeling pressured to do that extra set of crunches to feel good enough to post that bikini pic on Instagram. I am tired of my friends skipping out on our beach plans because of the anxiety and self-hatred that comes along with wearing a bikini.

Let's get one thing clear. Your body has one job: to hold your organs in place, so you don't die. Instead of putting yourself down all the time, remember to say thank you and show your body some LOVE. Take a moment and stand in the mirror and appreciate it for what it does. Look yourself in the eyes every day and say, "I love you," even if it feels silly at first. Start practicing habits that make your body feel healthy and happy. Eat and do more of what makes your body feel good. Incorporate activities in your life that leave you feeling strong and sexy.

Your body is your home, so spend time caring for it; that way it can care for you. You deserve to feel loved by yourself, and to wear that bikini with your head up and your tits out! Let go of those ridiculous ideals and learn to slowly embrace every inch of your body, because you are beautiful, and that bikini looks magnificent on you.

Love always,


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