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  • Melania Zilo

Boys Supporting Boys: It's Time to Speak Up

Brandon (Browny) Brownstein talks empowering men to speak up in a time where conversation matters.


2020 is the year of change, and we need to step up. I feel like us men steer away from talking about important issues in fear of being perceived as anything less than "manly". I tell my roommates that we feed off each other's energy in a way because we do! Fellas, we need to realize that the things you talk about with each other honestly changes the people around you to an extent. Conversation is the catalyst for change. Know that talking to your friends about things like mental health and how you feel about specific topics is essential. We need to erase the narrative that talking about the things that matter aren't "cool". Talking about your opinions towards something and your feelings is a sign of strength, nothing else. Being confident enough to have these types of conversations with your friends is what really reveals your masculinity.

I honestly believe that all it takes is one man stirs up the confidence to start a conversation, for others to realize, "Hey, if he can talk about this without getting ripped on, then maybe I can too." Times are changing right in front of our eyes, and we cannot sit here and ignore it. Encourage and lift your guy friends when they speak up. It doesn't make your friend "a b****" because he wants to talk about things that you aren't comfortable enough to express for yourself. Support one other. Love one another. Make it cool to have these conversations because I promise it will make a difference.

Mad Love,

Browny 🌎

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