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  • Melania Zilo

A Message From The Mad Love Club

This has been an overwhelming and devastating year, and when the world has gone to such a dark place, it can be easily forgotten to choose compassion. To choose love. To choose kindness.

This is a message to be mindful of your conversations. Use your voice with purpose. Speak out when you see injustice and also listen. Understand that your experience is not the same as others. Be willing to learn from the difficult conversations that are being led. But most importantly, find it in your heart to come from a place of love. We need more love.

This year has uncovered the weaknesses in our nation. We can either allow this time to pass and give into this failure and lack of change, or we can get ready to build something different.

It is time we take a stand against the inhumanity we have witnessed this year. This begins with taking matters into our own hands and educating ourselves by identifying and challenging the system that has failed us.

Get informed, exercise your right to vote, share your knowledge, and spread awareness to your friends and family. Check-in on your loved ones. Look out for your community. Be patient, choose kindness, choose love.

This platform was made for talking about the things that matter. This matters. The Mad Love Club is committed to creating a safe space for all—we all have so much work to do.

Love always,

Melania Zilo

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