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Fast Fashion is Not Hot

Why we're canceling fast fashion + some hotter more ethical alternatives


What's Fast Fashion anyways?

Why we're canceling fast Fashion + some hotter more ethical alternatives

Fast Fashion has been a big buzz word lately, but what does it mean?

Many definitions have been proposed, so we did our best to give you the breakdown...

Fast Fashion (according to us) is a term used to approach the strategy of trend replication and rapid mass production (think 52 "micro-seasons" per year) of low-quality materials to provide consumers with inexpensive styles. After taking a closer look, it's hard to ignore the obvious detrimental environmental and social effects the industry has on the world.

The Detrimental Social and Environmental Effects of Fast Fashion

The fashion industry as a whole is the second-largest polluter in the world (right behind the oil industry), which is mostly a result of the environmental damage that the fast fashion industry creates. Fast fashion brands continue to use toxic chemicals, dyes, and fabrics that enter water supplies in countries where the clothing is made and washed.

Every year, almost 11 million tons of clothing are thrown out in the US alone. Each fabric containing lead, pesticides, and other chemicals that will never break down and instead release toxic chemicals in the air forever.

Some clothing produced by the fast fashion industry has been found to have dangerous amounts of lead, which is harmful to our bodies and can increase the risk of infertility, cardiovascular disease, and more...

Workers are always in jeopardy because of long hours, minimal resources, exposure to toxic chemicals, and even physical abuse. Things like child labor, prison labor, sexual, verbal, and physical violence are also normalized in foreign countries producing your garments. Workers are left in dangerous working conditions, without fundamental human rights, and no other options.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way... Here's How You Can Help

  1. Do your research before supporting a brand. Support brands that are ethical, sustainable, and inclusive.

  2. Promote and buy from brands whose values align with yours.

  3. Shop Second Hand + Vintage + Get thrifty baby.

  4. Stop supporting fast fashion brands (yes that means Zara too).

  5. Shop with intention.

  6. Demand that brands #PayUp and honor their commitments to overseas workers. Here is a good place to start...

Just a few of our favorite ethical, sustainable, brands <3

  1. House of Sunny

  2. Its Rooper

  3. Brother Vellies

  4. Jeanerica

  5. Rafa

  6. Hackwith Design House

Click here for more steps to take towards a more sustainable and ethical closet...

Mad love!!!

Melania Zilo

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