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  • Melania Zilo

A Happy Healing Guide to Your Relationship With Food

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

In my pursuit of self-love, one of the more examined aspects of my life has been my relationship with food. My favorite thing about going to birthday parties was when it came time to cut the cake. I was the kid that got up unapologetically and politely asked for a second slice of chocolate cake. It wasn't a matter of gluttony; I just happened to really like cake. That's why it came as a shock to me when I was denied a second slice for the first time ever. "Maybe you'd like something from the veggie platter instead?" the father said to me. I was confused. What was wrong with a second slice? It tasted good, my body felt loved, and I always found joy in licking off my frosting mustache. I was only six years old. What was wrong with a second slice?

Years later, I find myself going back to that moment often. It sounds silly, but sometimes I still feel like that same little kid. As I got older, my relationship with food quickly became complicated and confusing. I wanted to fall in love with food so bad, but there was always something holding me back—an agent telling me to cut the sugar and carbs, a soft yet heavy remark from a family member. Whatever it was, I kept finding excuses to neglect my body. With this newfound respect and love for my body and well being, I've had to take a long look at my habits. I had to get uncomfortable with myself and accept the ugly truth: in order to move forward and feel better, I had to heal my relationship with food. By no means was this process linear, and I'm nowhere near the finish line, but I'm slowly learning to fall in love again with food and with myself.

I'm learning to accept every meal with open arms and a deeper sense of gratitude. Reminding myself that food is beautiful, nourishing, and gives me the energy I need to do what I love every day. I deserve to feel loved by myself, I deserve to indulge, and I deserve to eat whatever I please, whenever I please. Thank your body for all it does—express gratitude for the gift of abundance in your life. Remember to eat foods that make you feel good, listen to your body, hydrate, treat your body with kindness, and always make time for second slices of chocolate cake and frosting mustaches.

love always,

Melania Zilo

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