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  • Melania Zilo

8 Tips For Working From Home

Updated: May 4, 2020



Welcome to the world of waking up at 3 pm in the same sweatpants you wore yesterday and the day before that (and the day before that). Whether it's school or work, it can be difficult navigating through this strange #wfh lifestyle. I've curated a list of things that have helped me adjust to my new reality.

1. Create a comfy designated workspace and return to the same area on a regular basis

Choose your favorite corner, desk, or table in your house (away from distractions) and make that your own space. Sit somewhere near a window ( to get extra sunlight and good vibes), light a candle or turn on your oil diffuser (for that extra ambiance), and keep your space organized!!! This will help you be more productive and creative throughout your workday.

2. Put on some real clothes

Just because you can take conference calls in your underwear doesn't mean you should. Not only will showering and getting dressed give you a sense of normalcy, but you will also feel better and more energized to get to work. I'm not asking you to wear your prom dress to the zoom meeting, but please change out of your pj's.

3. Maintain your regular work hours

Just because your workplace has infiltrated your home does not mean you have to work all day. When I first started working from home, I realized that I was spending a lot more time working and less time taking care of myself. It can be easy to overwork yourself, so make sure to get in your reasonable hours, and then be ready to unplug and call it a day.

4. Create a routine and stick with it

To avoid walking around aimlessly and sudden moments of procrastination, give yourself a set schedule, and stick with it. Creating a healthy work routine will boost your productivity by a thousand

5. Don't forget to eat

We've all been there... You're busy at work, and then you're sitting there wondering where the sun went and soon realize its 8 pm, and you still haven't eaten. Remember to perform your best, you have to take care of yourself first. This means taking the lunch break you deserve and feeding your mind and body.

6. Use your sick day if you need it

Some people need to hear this, so here it is. Do not be afraid to ask for what you need. This is a difficult time, and there's going to come a day where all you want to do is stay in bed and eat like six sleeves of Oreos. Working from home is the farthest thing from vacation, so do not be scared to take that sick day. Take your mind off everything, read a book, run a bath, eat good, clear your mind, you earned it.

7. Exercise Since we're not going out as much, it's easy to stop moving as much as we usually do. There's no more rushing across campus to make it to your 8 am (the best cardio to ever exist), or commuting to work, so take some extra time in your day to exercise and be outside. Whether it's some stretching in the morning or going for a walk before you start your day, your body needs it now more than ever. Releasing those endorphins will help you start the day on a more productive note.

8. Go easy on yourself

Let's be honest here, this hasn't been easy, even for those of us privileged enough to be able to work remotely. I think in these circumstances, especially, we are reminded that work isn't everything, our grades aren't everything. Take time to focus on your health and well-being before focusing on that looming Thursday deadline. This is the time to be selfish and to put yourself first. Remember to breathe, and just do your best, because that's all anyone can really ask from you.

Love always,

Melania Zilo

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