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  • Melania Zilo

I'm Not a Morning Person

and other lies I've been telling myself...


I have slowly come to appreciate my morning rituals, and I genuinely believe that the first few hours help me set the intentions for the rest of my day. But let's be clear... I am not a morning person; there's just no such thing. Nobody enjoys waking up before the freaking sun, but the truth is, the hours in the day I thought weren't there? I was sleeping through them. It took a while to get where I am, but I realized that to adjust to this new lifestyle, you only need two things: a reason why, and a to-do list. It's so tempting to hit the snooze button 20 times, but having a reason to wake up, and setting goals for yourself to complete in the morning gives you that extra kick in the ass. Whether you want a few hours in the morning to write or meditate, having that goal in the back of your head immediately boosts your production and motivation levels. To make my mornings as productive as possible, I take extra time practicing good habits.

-I always start my day with a quick meditation or some stretching to wake my body up. Sometimes (rarely), if I'm feeling super spicy, I'll even do a quick workout to increase my energy levels. -Taking 15 minutes in the morning to tidy up my space is something I've come to appreciate so much more over the years. Whether it's last week's clean laundry that I still haven't put away or the pile of books on my bedside table, I try to make an effort to keep it as neat as possible; tidy room, tidy mind. -Eating a good breakfast is always something I've struggled with for years, but now I can't imagine a day starting without avocado toast and iced matcha. -Leave your phone alone! During the morning hours, I try my best (we can't always win) to stay off social media. The truth is, it's 7 a.m, everyone else is sleeping, and chances are nobody really cared about your Instagram post last night. Having all that extra time in the morning can sometimes make you feel a little lost. -Before bed, I quickly write out a loosely structured schedule (keyword: loose) for the next day. That way, I can keep track of everything I need to get done.

-The list usually consists of important deadlines, emails I need to send out, and other annoying things that I want out of the way.

-I don't beat myself up if I don't manage to cross everything off my checklist, but I do like holding myself accountable for the things I promised myself to get done. There's a certain kind of mindfulness attached to this practice. I have a newfound respect for my alone time, and it has made all the difference when it comes to setting the tone for my day. Having these extra hours to myself in the morning leaves me feeling so much more confident and ready to handle whatever comes my way. Life gets super hectic sometimes, and these early hours have allowed me to hit that pause button and check in on myself. It's a gentle reminder to make time to breathe and be still. Love always, Melania

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