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  • Melania Zilo

This is Lebanon

And he told me, "I mean, what did you expect? This is Lebanon."

and I said no, sir, with all due respect, this is not Lebanon.

Lebanon is the constant honking in the street because we are all eager to get home in time for Teta's cooking.

Lebanon is where the mountains kiss the ocean every single night.

Lebanon is the unconditional joy you receive when your next-door neighbors show up uninvited for dinner and end up staying until 2 am.

Lebanon is watching the sunrise from your favorite techno club.

Lebanon is weekends spent in the village with no WiFi but no complaints.

Lebanon is getting stuck in Faraya after New Year's Eve even though you know better.

Lebanon is driving in front of that one restaurant to see who's out and about.

Lebanon is the road trip to the old town and the waterfalls' sound falling down from above.

Lebanon is where you had your first love.

Lebanon is our doctors, our teachers, our visionaries, our athletes.

Lebanon is the land of music, and friendly smiles, and beautiful, beautiful chaos.

Lebanon is strength, love, resilience.

Lebanon is the blood that runs through our veins.

Lebanon is the place we will forever call our home no matter how far away life takes us.

With all due respect, sir, this is Lebanon.

Love always,

Melania Zilo

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