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It's Time for a Mental Health Check-In

You know you need one, so here it is...


Especially during times like this, we should all make it a priority to listen to what our minds and bodies are telling us. When I'm not in the best mental space, I try to focus on the positives (as one does). Whether it's celebrating the little wins or allowing yourself quick but needed cry sesh, do what feels right. Here are some questions (and answers provided by yours truly) to help you check in with yourself and maybe hopefully, put a smile on your face and remind you that sometimes, the best we can do is be grateful for the little things.

What is one positive that happened today?

Taking note of the things going well for you can move your thoughts away from whatever any negative energy comes your way. When the not so great things seem of lesser importance, it will leave you happier and at peace.

Today I made my first ever french toast (so good).

What are 3 things that would make you happy in this moment?

Listen to your heart, and it will tell you what you need. Sometimes we can't provide ourselves with it at that moment, but acknowledgment is enough.

My list of 3:

1.Having my boyfriend here.

2. If RHOBH could just give us Season 10 in it's entirety so I don't have to wait an entire week.

3. To swim in the ocean.

When is the last time you genuinely felt good?

This is the time to remind yourself of just how beautiful life is. Thinking of the last time, you felt pure joy, can inspire you to find the source of that happiness, and maybe implement it into your life now.

March 12, 2020, was one of the happiest days of the year for me. I spent the entire day wandering Miami Beach with my closest friends, and I don't think I've ever laughed more than I did that day.

What can you do in this moment to give yourself what you need?

Pay attention to the little things you can do for yourself that can go a long way. Whether it's eating better, reading more, taking a hot shower, listen to what your body is asking for.

I am in desperate need of a good night's sleep.

What might you be taking for granted?

This is an opportunity to show gratitude for the things we may easily forget about daily.

I will never ever take my bathtub or my freedom for granted again.

What did you learn today?

Each new day brings us further opportunity to learn and guide us to improvement. I'm not asking you to go into an in-depth analysis of your day, but take a moment to recognize any simple thing you learned today.

Today's lesson: There is such thing as too much cinnamon.

Where do you feel tension in your body?

When the body is stressed, our muscles tense up. The top tension areas may include lower back (anger), stomach (fear), chest (hurt), headache (loss of control), neck and shoulder (burden and responsibilities), Numbness (trauma), breathing difficulties (anxiety), insomnia (loss of self), fatigue (resentment). Acknowledging your pain is the first step to releasing all that negative and toxic energy from your body. I suggest talking to someone your trust, whether it's you best friend or seeking professional help. Also, be sure to reach out to your friends and family, especially the really strong ones (it is often the loudest and proudest who are hurting the most, myself included).

Today I feel tense in my shoulders, but that might just be due to my terrible posture. I also haven't been able to sleep in a while, and I've had a few anxiety attacks here and there during these past few months. Reaching out to my loved ones has helped put things in perspective for me, and I definitely feel lighter and relieved after expressing my emotions, no matter how difficult something may be to talk about.

Were you kind to yourself today?

Remember to treat yourself the way you would a blooming flower: lots of sunlight and extra loving care.

Lots of sleep and good eats, the answer is yes, I was very kind to myself today.

What will be your starting focus tomorrow?

Setting your intentions for the next day can elevate your attitude and ease any tension. Having a (loosely structured) plan in mind will help you wake up with a clear goal and something to look forward to.

Tomorrow I will wake up at a reasonable hour and finalize my study guide for my last exam of the semester. Then I will celebrate by baking the brownies that are stuffed with chocolate chip cookies and Oreos (I refuse to slut-shame a dessert).

Answering these simple questions at the end of a long day is one of the most accessible forms of therapy. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is peacefully sitting with your thoughts and listening to your needs, focusing on constructive ideas only before bed. Considering and nurturing your mental health means taking better care of yourself and those you love. Committing to this practice will bring you to peace and a deeper appreciation for your life and yourself.

During May #mentalhealthawarenessmonth (and every month for that matter), let us be there for each other and let us support one another. If you are struggling with your mental health, remember that you are not alone. The Girl Almighty Community is here for you, and our DM's are always open. You are loved, you are heard, you are important, you MATTER.

Love always,

Melania Zilo

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