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  • Melania Zilo

Overcoming Sleep Anxiety

I used to call myself a night owl until I realized that was just my way of avoiding sleep. For the past few years, my anxiety heightens at night... something about the dark, or finally being alone, away from all the distractions and the noise. These are some things I've been trying to do to overcome my nighttime anxiety and get some (much needed and well-deserved) sleep.

Moving my body

Exercising has proven to lessen anxiety and improve sleep. I try not to do any workouts right before bed, but some light stretching or yoga has aided in the wind-down process of my most stressful days.

Making my environment vibey AF

My nighttime routine consists of a hot shower, dim lights, and feel-good scents, which all help calm your mind down before you go to sleep. Take 10 minutes to put away that laundry and throw out those water bottles sitting there for three days. Make an effort to create a comfy, clean space to sleep in; your bedroom should be your ultimate happy place.

Put your damn phone down

You ever catch yourself scrolling at 2 am stalking his new girlfriend's sister on Instagram and get your feelings hurt? You ever catch yourself scrolling through the hundreds of comments left by Trump supporters on Joe Biden's page and get your feelings hurt? You ever catch yourself double-tapping on Greta Thunberg's latest post only to get crippling anxiety about the fact that we have less than ten years to prevent the earth from irreversible damage from climate change and get your feelings hurt? Yeah, let's work on not doing that anymore before bed. An excess of media consumption before bed can trigger so many anxious thoughts, so I've been trying (and failing) to go to sleep with my phone in another room. Instead of screen time, try listening to music, journaling, or reading Jane Fonda's new biography :)

Ask for help if you need it

Never be afraid to seek help if you need it! Sometimes coping with stress and anxiety is more than just turning your phone off or going for a walk, and that's ok!!!! Sleep troubles and anxiety are highly treatable, so seek help from a doctor or counselor today!

Love always,

Melania Zilo

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