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  • Melania Zilo

Mask-ne is Real, Here's How to Treat it

So masks are a thing, and the weather is not showing any mercy. The sweatier it gets outside, the more moisture, oils, dirt, and makeup our masks trap. It also doesn't help that the friction of our masks against our skin wreaks more havoc by rubbing the particles into our pores :/

The good news is that you're about to read a list of things you can do to treat and prevent future breakouts while still caring for the safety, health, and comfort of your community.


Go makeup free

Think about it.. Your face is covered, makeup is sticky, and I promise you nobody cares... So free those pores baby!

Cleanse, then cleanse again

Double cleansing!! A previous luxury, a modern-day necessity. Start with your favorite cleansing oil (Bamba Skin ;0) for a deep cleanse without stripping your skin dry. Then, follow up with a gentle cleanse to remove any remaining impurities, dirt, or makeup. Top it off with your favorite moisturizer if you're feeling spicy.

Exfoliate baby

I love using clay masks twice a week to treat any affected areas ;). If you're out and about, consider carrying around toner pads in your bag to keep your face clean and hydrated.

Drink lots of water

like.. a lot. I mean it. Like go drink water NOW <3

Stop Stressing

This is a wild time, and I don't blame you for feeling all the feels. Stress is a serious cause of breakouts so take some time to practice self care, whatever that means for you! To me, self-care looks like calling my best friend, morning meditation, hot showers, and lots of chocolate cake :) Give yourself the time and space to do things that make you feel good!

Love always,

Melania Zilo

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