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  • Melania Zilo

Step up you Closet Game in 3 Easy(-ish) Ways

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I've always been a little self-conscious about my body, which definitely translated into the clothes I wore. I was in a constant cycle of buying pieces that hid my figure and, in turn, were just super unflattering for my body. It got to a point where I would literally have the worst panic attacks while getting dressed because I was just so unhappy with the way I looked.

Earlier this year, something clicked in my brain, and I decided to make some changes. It started with the little things like actually eating breakfast in the morning, exercising almost daily, and of course, stepping the f*ck up when it came to my closet. It was a process for sure, but many empty clothing hangers later, I can say that the idea of putting a last-minute outfit together no longer makes me feel like I want to curl up in a ball and melt into the floors of my bedroom.

I've curated a list of helpful tips for anyone looking to do the same thing, as well as some pieces that I think are an absolute must to keep in your closet.


1. Keep it simple, and you'll feel good.

I realized that sometimes I was covering up my physical insecurities with extra pieces and layers and bells and whistles that I didn't even need. I think it was Coco Chanel that said something like "before you leave, look in the mirror and take something off," and honestly? Not bad advice. So do that, take off your left sock or your bra, and I promise you'll feel lighter and brighter.

2. Know what flatters your body, and stick to it

My biggest mistake is that I was buying incredible pieces that just didn't happen to fit my body type. Also, most of the time, I was hiding behind baggy sweats and oversized t-shirts that weren't doing anything for me and were probably making me feel worse about myself. Since then, I've sorta come to a middle ground. I now focus on pieces that flatter and accentuate my features (my long legs and broad shoulders, for example), but not at the risk of my comfort. I think once you figure out what works for you, the rest gets easier. Clothes are supposed to make you feel empowered and only that. Take some time to get to know your body and pay attention to what pieces make you feel your best. It's all about feeling comfortable in your skin.

3. Make your closet easy on the eyes.

Ah, the classic"I have nothing to wear." Yes, you do, but here's the truth: your closet is a mess, you can't see all your pieces, and also you hate the way everything fits. The first thing I did was empty out my entire closet onto my bedroom floor, and Marie Kondo'd the shit out of it. Then I organized my clothes in a way where I could see every single item in my closet A-Z. Now, every time I open my closet, that ugly dress I kept from the seventh grade is gone, and I only see my favorite things, instantly making me feel good. Aside from that, I made sure to update my staple pieces. I think it's really important to always keep the following: a good pair of unripped jeans, flattering plain t-shirts, a fun jacket (both denim and leather), a pantsuit for all your Boss B*tch endeavors, a timeless coat, a pair of sleek heels, white sneakers, and on-trend bag, and finally, lingerie (you heard me).

I hope this guide/tangent was somewhat helpful. To be honest, I still haven't quite figured it out, but I think I'm slowly getting there. Here's to looking good and feeling good ladies <3

Love always,


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