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  • Melania Zilo

6 Summer Accessories You Need for the Ultimate It Girl Summer

Timeless additions you need in your closet now and forever

First of all, happy Gemini season. We have now entered a time for fresh ideas, conversation, and sparking creativity. As we turn our energy outwards again to the social world after the lazy groundedness of the Taurus season, I know you need the right accessories to do it.

I always tend to gravitate towards more timeless pieces that I think either have longevity or I know I'm never getting sick of. I've put together a list of my all-time favorite summer "non-trend" trends. Keep scrolling for the Melania Approved accessories for Summer 2020.

Chunky golds

Make a statement by flaunting your neck strength with a 10-pound chain.



Middle school trends are back and more sophisticated than ever before.


Shoulder bags

Because we’re throwing practicality out the window this season.


Dad sandals

Get your pedicure ladies, the ugly sandals are back, and I think they are <3.



Channel your inner Grace Kelly this season with a modern take on this classic.



I got 3 B’s for you: Big, Bucket, Baseball.


Love always,


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